Fire Damage Restoration

A fire is a devastating experience. Your property and possessions are damaged, or your company has to be shut for repairs. Your loved ones or personnel are in shock and mentally traumatized, as well as you’re losing money. When you employ a fire damage restoration business, you can expect them to be courteous, professional and understanding. Pros at Vital Restoration understand how to do fire damage cleanup fast and efficiently.

What we do and how we work:

Free Site Survey & Estimate

Should you require professional fire damage restoration services in the Bay Area, call us now at 650-262-4545. We´ll offer you a free quote to ascertain the degree of the harm, assess the vital steps necessary for recovery, and figure out the price and time needed.

Restoration Process Overview

We’ll do all it can take to restore your house or business back to its initial condition. By clearing out smoke, soot and scents, washing surfaces and repainting, repairing or replacing regions of the construction, your house will be like new.


When you hire us to manage your fire damage cleanup, a certified technician will visit the website and conduct a review. He or she’ll make a decision regarding how much harm was done for your residence or business by smoke, fire, water or substances. As a consequence of the review, we can create a strategy to clean and revive your premises. As soon as you and your insurer approve the strategy, the job can start. It’s essential to begin cleaning and restoration as soon as possible following a fire, since the more you wait, the worse the damage is.

Clear Out Odors

Among the first things we’ll do is to make big, industrial fans to remove smoke and odors out of the damaged region. This is a really important step, since smoke can include corrosive chemicals which may continue to damage your own appliances, electronic equipment, furniture and surfaces until it’s eliminated. The fans also help to dry out floors and walls which might have been ruined by water.

Remove Residue

After smoke and odors are eliminated, our restoration services staff will proceed through the region and wash soot from walls, ceilings and flooring. This may involve coating metal surfaces with petroleum jelly to protect them from rust, eliminating wet carpets to protect hardwood flooring from warping, or other steps to discourage mold growth. Walls, ceilings and woodwork will probably be cleaned using trisodium phosphate to eliminate soot. This may have to be replicated several times to eliminate all stains.

Protect Unaffected Sections

If some sections of your residence or company weren’t involved in the fire, the fire restoration services staff will shut off those regions to prevent smells and soot from going to them and causing additional harm. Some pieces, such as appliances, furniture and personal things, that were intact could be removed and put into storage before cleaning and repairs are complete. This guarantees the protection of your staying possessions.

Repaint, Replace, Repair

Following the soot and smoke odor was eliminated, some regions of the construction might have to be painted, treated or repaired entirely within their fire recovery procedure. Occasionally cleaning will remove soot from ceilings and walls, but they frequently have to be repainted. Occasionally floors could be sanded or stained, but in a few cases it has to be substituted, as does carpets. It’s essential to compile a list of items which are damaged beyond repair for submitting insurance claims.

Don´t Throw Anything Away

Seeing your personal possessions piled in soggy heaps is quite gloomy; yet attempt resisting the temptation to simply hire a dumpster and throw away everything. While you will need to move things so as to start fire damage cleanup, don’t discard anything before the insurance adjuster has completed the inspection of the website. That blackened, soggy sofa may appear worthless for you, but if the contents of your home are insured, they still have worth and the insurance provider needs that information.

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Your home is much more than a roof over your head; it’s your refuge, and as soon as it’s damaged, you are searching for somebody who you can rely on to revive it. When you employ a fire restoration company, you need somebody who will keep you informed and allow you to know how the procedure is going. At Vital Restoration we work fast, professionally and economically to execute fire damage restoration solutions to get you back into your house or business as promptly as possible. Call our certified fire restoration specialists today at (650) 262-4545.


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